Helping Others Turn Dreams Into Reality

As a sophomore in college, I was introduced to the profession of Network Marketing. The concept of residual income excited me–that I could earn a paycheck over and over again for doing work one time! I lacked the initiative to educate myself, so I didn’t seek out a company that would be a good fit for me. Then, in 2008, a friend exposed me to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… 

Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.  -Henry David Thoreau


Upcoming Events

May 10, 2014
Race to Summit featuring Zija’s President/CEO Rod Larsen
Bowling Green, KY


June 7, 2014
Team Elite’s “Compound Your Momentum” featuring Darren Hardy
Bowling Green, Kentucky


September 23-27, 2014
Zija Summit 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah