Helping Others Turn Dreams Into Reality

As a sophomore in college, I was introduced to the profession of Network Marketing. The concept of residual income excited me–that I could earn a paycheck over and over again for doing work one time! I lacked the initiative to educate myself, so I didn’t seek out a company that would be a good fit for me. Then, in 2008, a friend exposed me to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… 

Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.  -Henry David Thoreau

Upcoming Events…

August 8, 2014
Warren East High School
Bowling Green, KY


September 17, 2014
Butler County High School
Morgantown, KY


September 23-27, 2014
Zija Summit 2014
Salt Palace Convention Center – Salt Lake City, UT


October 14, 2014
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Region 4 Leadership Conference
Northern Kentucky University – Highland Heights, KY


November 10, 2014
First CLASS  
Campbellsville University – Campbellsville, KY


January 15, 2015
Pulaski County High School
Somerset, KY

Coming Soon…

Dare – Risk – Excitement – Action – Momentum

“Have you ever had something you wanted to do… something that moves your heart… it kept you up a night… it woke you up earlier than your alarm clock? It may have been something you couldn’t explain. But there was a fire burning in your belly. You were ready to go for it, and then… you talked yourself out of it. You decided you weren’t qualified, or you figured you didn’t have enough money, or you thought you didn’t know the right people. You may have even looked around at other ‘successful’ people and began comparing yourself to them. You even rationalized why it was okay to not go for it. Do something for me, please. Take a deep breath and smile. I have some good news for you!”

A Few Thoughts…

“Jeremy Taylor is a born leader. He Leads from his heart with his feet firmly planted on the ground and his goals squarely aimed at the moon. He knows who he is, where he came from, and where he is headed. He believes his best days are yet to be lived…. Stay close to people like J.T. Emulate his character, his passion, and his work ethic and you too will achieve success.” -Dr. Ronald G. Derr, Orthopedic Surgeon

“Jeremy Taylor speaks with excitement, passion, and straight from the heart! EVERY time I have heard him speak, he has the audience laughing and crying with him! Jeremy is incredibly gifted at connecting with everyone in the room and making sure their time has been invested in something worthwhile.” -Tasha Eizinger, Network Marketing Professional